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My name is Bri and I am a 24 year old, ice cream and sushi loving, fitness and wellness enthusiast; hoping to inspire a new lifestyle change in others! I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, I love the color lavender, and I have the cutest puppy named Palmer (who is often featured on my instagram, as he loves working out with mom). I am currently in the process of getting my personal training certification, and I hope to influence the living of a healthy lifestyle in others.

Committing to fueling your body with proper nutrients and completing fitness routines to build a better self doesnt need to be difficult, it just needs to motivated by self love. Exercising doesn’t need to be fancy nor difficult moves to be effective! My passion is helping others find what works for them while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

If you have anything you want to see on here let me know and I’ll promise to do my best to fulfill that request! I want to promote healthy living and educate others as I educate myself!

My Background

I have always been an active individual and have always loved every sport, ever. I was a dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader ever since I was 3 years old, and my love for competitive cheerleading continued until my body was physically unable to continue at the age of 20. I tried many different sports and loved each differently, from soccer, to field hockey, and even had short-lived but impressive high school track and swimming careers. I was intensely active, but didn’t eat the best, therefore I never had the body I wanted.

After my sporting career ended I rarely went to the gym, I continued eating the food I had always eaten and consequently gained weight, and lost muscle. I had to learn how to be active without being an athlete. I found a personal trainer who held me accountable for not only my workouts but also my eating habits and I was able to build my life into what it is today!

Currently, I am building my own legacy lifestyle through a true elitist mindset. I aim to specialize in conditioning and strength training & I am passionate about about making healthy food – yummy food. I am a busy lady, always on the move. Follow for tips of a healthier and more confident YOU! If you want to follow my full journey and get real time workout updates make sure to join my tribe on instagram!

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